Advocacy Against Post-Employment Harassment

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain.

Who We Are!

We are a non-profit dedicated to fighting endemic post-employment harassment at an investment bank. For various reasons, some former employees have faced severe backlash designed to use electronic and physical harassment in a fashion that is difficult to prove in the current legal environment. This organization was founded to bring together the victims of these abuses and advocate for their rights through a coordinated approach.

Who Are The Victims?

The Bank has targeted victims of workplace harassment and constructive dismissals to prevent them taking action. As workplace harassment laws are focused on tackling incidents that happen in the office within a narrow statute of limitations, post-employment harassment can be effective in psychologically destabilizing victims to dissuade them from taking prompt legal action.

In addition to being difficult to prove, it can be hard to find help to fight post-employment harassment since few people are well versed in this area. This organization was formed to overcome these obstacles by bringing together victims from all instances the Bank has used post-employment harassment in labor relations.

What Does Post-Employment Harassment Entail?

Post-employment harassment at the Bank in question involves tactics designed to retaliate and psychologically destabilize victims as tools in managing labor disputes with former employees

The tactics used are inexpensive and it is easy source resources. However, victims have a hard time proving their use and convincing the world that such extreme measures are used as standard tools in labor disputes

By assembling corroborating testimony, AAP-EH will push for impartial external investigation into these practices as they pose a tremendous psychological and physical threat to victims at their most vulnerable

Please scroll through for examples of post-employment harassment tactics we have encountered. This is not an exhaustive list and we are looking to identify additional tactics whenever possible.

Hacking of Personal Electronic Devices

Active interference with online job application processes

Untraceable harassing messages sent to victims via themed manipulation of website elements

Email accounts illegally accessed, and key documents, such as all copies of employment contracts, deleted

Victims denied access to key resources, such as bank and credit card accounts, through their own devices

Bribery and Coercion of Key People in Personal Network

Payments are made to individuals with close emotional bonds to victims, including romantic partners, family, friends and neighbors. People in the victims network often coerced into taking the money.

Deny victims the support they need to take legal action

Coordination of actions such as gaslighting that are collectively designed to isolate and intimidate

Increases the cost of taking legal action by implicating individuals with close emotional ties to the victim

Access to damaging private information

Access to private physical spaces that would otherwise be out of reach of the perpetrators

Physical Surveillance, Stalking, and Intimidation

These measures appear to be used primarily to intimidate and psychological destabilize victims

Examples of tactics utilized

Increased presence of individuals loitering outside victims' homes and interacting with victims through unsolicited conversations

Activities designed to reduce victims’ security and comfort in their own homes, such as increased instances of loud music and other noise outside the home

Increased instances of threatening actions by strangers, such as people spitting in front of victims while walking around the city

Electronic Surveillance - 1
Electronic Surveillance
Examples of Tactics Used

Individuals who share physical space with victims are paid for access to install surveillance equipment targeting the victim. This provides the perpetrators with a degree of legal cover

Items resembling concealed cameras and microphones have been identified by victims in their private spaces

The cameras and microphones on hacked devices appear to have also been used to monitor victims

Breaking and Entering

Used to both cover up evidence of wrong doing and to perform activities geared towards intimidation and psychological destabilization

Examples of Tactics Used

Conveniently timed break-ins resulting in the theft of devices containing evidence of hacking and electronic surveillance

Unauthorized accessing of secure private locations, such as victims' apartments and performing various actions. For example, moving things around to make it clear someone has entered without permission even though nothing is missing

Accessing and removing personal mail from locked mailboxes

Join our fight and share your experiences with us!

If you have experienced these or other forms of post-employment harassment tactics used by the Bank, please contact us.

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