I founded the Advocacy Against Post-Employment Harassment (AAP-EH) after personally experiencing both the horror of being stalked and harassed by a former employer, and the tragic indifference of the legal system to the problem. Had I not personally experienced many of the tactics I explore on this website, I would have a hard time believing such things could happen to a normal individual engaged in a mundane labor dispute with a former employer. This is the problem faced by many victims. The problem is very real and needs to be urgently addressed.

Because it can be difficult for a victim to prove certain types of post-employment harassment, several companies have adopted these tactics in organized programs designed to intimidate victims into submission in labor disputes. One of my former employers, an investment bank, is one of these companies with a secret and well-organized program of surveillance and harassment. I founded AAP-EH to bring together the victims of this program so we can speak with one voice and push for an external investigation into these illegal tactics. Having spoken to lawyers that are experts in both employment harassment and privacy violation issues, I am confident this is the best and only strategy to get justice for victims.

If you would like more information about our cause, please contact us directly using the link on this website. If you are a victim of post-employment harassment, we look forward to hearing from you and having you join our fight for justice. We also encourage you to anonymously share your story in our blog so you may strengthen others to join the fight. I will be conducting in-depth analyses of the various issues I have encountered during my experience with post-employment harassment in a multipart series over the next few months. Thank you for visiting our website.

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